World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations


Novi Sad, 07-11 February 2022


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Welcome note

Welcome to the 19th WFTGA Convention 2022 in Novi Sad, Serbia!

It seems like such a long time ago that we were preparing the bid during 2018, to present in 2019. Many things have happened since. At that time, it sounded surreal that we would get the chance to be your hosts for the next convention, especially when we remember who the other colleagues and bidding destinations were. But you, our dear colleagues, have chosen Serbia and Novi Sad for your 19th WFTGA Convention. Thank you all for allowing us that honor!

your host

Serbian National Tourist Guide Association is a non-for-profit tourist guide association. A relatively young association was formed in August 2010 as a group of professional tourist guides with a mission to protect our profession and gather qualified tourist guides ready to constantly improve their skills and knowledge.


Bringing professional tourist guides together since 1985, the WFTGA encourages standards in guiding around the world. Registered in Vienna, Austria since 1987, the WFTGA are a not-for-profit, non-political, federation for guides.


Pre Tour

During the pre Convention tour we want to show you some of the best known attractions from our Serbian royal history, together with more contemporary attractions. Central and Western Serbia are known as the original homes of the Serbian royal families since the early medieval period, and mountains have many native plants thriving in the forests. Wooden made goods are a craft tradition followed to this day not to be missed.

Post Tour

For the post Convention tour let us guide you through the roots of the Roman Empire and the ancient course of the Danube, through the canyons of Eastern Serbia, and the secrets of the surrounding mountains carved in the caves like Prekonoška. Eastern Serbia is regionally known for its dash of ancient magic, and worldwide for its ancient and historical sites, the strength of the Danube as a source for energy, complimented by the silence in the caves and monasteries.

Meet our team

  • Ivana Ćuruvija
    Head of the organising committee
  • Miloš Ćuruvija
    Sponsorship and overview
  • Jovana Miljković
    Communication with partners; Tours preparation
  • Tamara Jelisavac
    Social media and promotion
  • Jelena Petronijević
  • Đurđica Gordić
    Content writing and sponsorship
  • Jelena Zdravković
    Team Member
  • Srđan Bošković
    Tours preparation and guides organization