Travel Details, Flights and Airport Service

Novi Sad has a very convenient location, with the river Danube, highway E-75 and Belgrade airport (BEG) at its doorstep.

International Airport “Nikola Tesla“ in Belgrade (BEG) is the main gateway to Serbia, located 50 minutes away from Novi Sad via the highway E-75.

At Belgrade Airport, 23 airline companies operate, including 5 low-cost carriers (EasyJet, Wizz Air, Transavia, Norwegian, Flydubai).

At the moment Belgrade has direct flight connections with 70 major European, Middle Eastern, and USA cities. A direct flight to JFK New York (USA) started operating in June 2016, thus making Belgrade a true activity hub in the region.

Although other nearby airports exist (Budapest, Timisoara, Niš) “Nikola Tesla” is the main airport in Serbia.

For our 19th WFTGA Convention, it will serve as the main meeting point too, if you buy our transfers to the City of Novi Sad, where our Convention will take place (further information about airport to Novi Sad transfers on offer will be advised later).

On arrival, make your way to our Hospitality desk in the arrivals hall. Our volunteers will be available to assist you with your transfer arrangements.

All transfers must be reserved and paid when registering your participation in the Convention. Should you make your own arrangements, our volunteers will direct you to the taxis. The cost of the pre-booked transfers is 50 euro per person for a return transfer. The transfer will be organized according to the number of people arriving at the time – it could be by private car or larger vehicle (mini van or bus).

The Hospitality desk will be available at the airport starting from the 31st January 2022.

Your flight information will be required when reserving your transfer.

Photo: PE “Roads of Serbia”, (

The main international highway in Novi Sad is the E-75, which connects with Hungary via the main border crossing at Horgoš. There is a Flixbus Budapest – Novi Sad. Highway E-70 with the main border crossing at Batrovci-Bajakovo connects Serbia with Croatia and Slovenia. After crossing the border, leave the highway at Ruma and via Fruška Gora to reach Novi Sad, or wait and leave when you meet highway E-75. From the southeast and Bulgaria and Turkey, the border crossing is at Gradina-Kalotina. Highway E-80 leads to Niš. From there, take the E-75. From the south – Northern Macedonia and Greece, cross the border at Preševo-Tabanovci and stay on the E-75. From the east and Romania, the fastest road is crossing the border at Srpska Crnja – Jambolia, and following Route 12 to Novi Sad. From Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as Montenegro there are existing Routes too.

There are tolls on these locations your travel: E-75 Beograd-Novi Sad, E-70 Novi Sad-Feketić-Subotica, E75 Beograd-Niš, E75 Niš-Leskovac and E70 Beograd-Šid. There are toll stations, as well as tags for e-payment which are bought at gas stations or AMSS stations.

Hotel Park has a wide parking area suitable for cars and buses. Hotels Sheraton, Pupin and Novi Sad provide parking areas for cars. For our Convention we will be able to use 10 parking places in these hotels. 

If you plan to come by bus, please inform the organizers in advance as these places are very limited. 

As the Pre-Convention Tour starts in Belgrade, if you are planning to come by your car, you will need a hotel transfer.
This is an additional fee.

There are local taxis, not recommend though due to their high and varied pricing. We suggest you to come to Novi Sad the day before, leave the car in the hotel that you have book for the convention and then to go with the organizers to Belgrade the next day. If this is your choice, we suggest you to inform us in advance so we arrange all this for you.

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There is an international train from Budapest to Novi Sad, although we do not know if it will be available – track repairs are planned.

The nearest convention hotel to the train station is hotel Novi Sad – just accross the street.